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2015 Kicks off for the Cobb Mobb!

The Cobb Mobb is an official USAT Club!

The Cobb Mobb logo.

After the team was selected in late December - they wasted no time getting to work and setting down a foundation for a great 2015 campaign!  With over 100 members, this group of competitive age group and professional triathletes looks to have a great season for 2015!

Many of the members kicked off 2015 by getting their bike some upgrades.  From saddles, to aerobars, to decoratives - the members of the Cobb Mobb were gearing up early!

Jeff Lam has this shiny, new JOF 55 ready to go on his tri-bike.

Liz Baugher set her aero rocket up with a new set of aerobars.

William Ritter set up his Orbea with a Cobb Mobb decal that compliments his new Plus 2 saddle very nicely.

A few of our members also got set up on the biggest upgrade one can get for triathlon - they were fitted on their tri bikes by the master himself, John Cobb!

Pamela Anne Ferguson smiling through the process.

Les Carr, on the other hand, looks a little nervous.

In addition to gearing up - the members of the Cobb Mobb got to work in January and were training for the long season ahead.  Whether it was braving the cold, putting in the long miles, or hunkering down in the pain cave - the Cobb Mobb was preparing for a successful 2015 season!

Carlos Torres putting in the time in the pain cave.  His Cobb Rapido shorts serve him well during his trainer time.

Second year Cobb Mobb member JD Allen is bulking up the legs to produce a lot of watts this season!

Tommy Barlow with this nice underwater shot.

Christy Richbourg logging in some saddle time.

Andy Compass got some training in regardless of the temperature.

Kat Vann Hammers getting it done in the pool!

Gregg Simmons putting in the time on the trainer.

Les Carr taking to the open water to get his swimming in.

Travis Allred putting in some quality time on his bike.

Rachel Olson and Seth Cooke had to pause their training because SOMEONE forgot to bring some spare tubes.  hehe
Cobb Mobbers Landi Wheeler and Leslie Stelpflug getting in some time in the saddle in some very un-winterlike weather.

Second year member Heath Thurston looking like exiting the water looking very determined!

Michael Krishner putting in time in the Pain Cave.

Tommy Barlow getting in some mountain "running".
Jeff Lam getting after it in his computer trainer class (looks like he's the only one that showed up)

And when training is all done, Seth Cooke, William Ritter, and Rachel Olson lay down in the warehouse for a nap!

In addition to the training - some of the Cobb Mobb managed to get some racing done in January - and even brought home some hardware!

Some Cobb Mobb athletes all placed at the Dustbuster Duathlon - Ginger Spansel 1st Overall Female, Greg Simmons took 3rd in his Age Group and Nichole Nuccio placed 2nd Overall Female.

Matthew Vance threw down a massively fast time at the Houston Marathon while representing the Cobb Mobb!

Brad Stoufflet took 1st place Overall in the Precision Bikes/Corner Bar Duathlon.

Brad cutting through the air (and the rain) on his bike, sitting atop a JOF 55 Cobb saddle.

Christy Rouchbourg raced the Megan Baabs Road Race and took 19th overall on her pink Cobb saddle!
Delinda Waldron placed 1st in her age group at the Frosty Frozen 10 Mile race.

Pamela Anne Ferguson raced the La Vuelta de Puerto Rico - covering 375 miles in 3 days!
 The Cobb Mobb had multiple people who placed PRs at the Half Marathon distance in January.  There were a few people at the Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon, all with great times.  Darla Shinn put a 1:33:08 for a PR, Landi Wheeler put a 1:35:45 for a PR, and Leslie Stelpflug ran a 1:30:23 for another PR!  In addition Matt May PRed at the Louisiana Half Marathon with a 1:55:21 and Marianna Clement set a PR at the 3M Marathon and Half Marathon with a 1:38:16!
Leslie Stelpflug post PR race.
Matt May set a PR at the Louisiana Half Marathon!
Nick Matthews ran a 1:36:42 half at the Olympic Oval Indoor Marathon.

Ginger Turner Spansel placed 3rd overall at The Trail Run!

Ryan McEnhill won his age group at the Sgt Preston Yukon King 6 miler with a 39:06!

Michael Dreesen placed 9th overall at the Dam Triathlon sprint with a 1:05!

Nick Matthews paced the Surf City Marathon for the 4:30:00 pace.

The month of January actually concluded on the first of February for the Cobb Mobb with the Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon in Shreveport, Louisiana.  This race saw a host of Cobb Mobb members attend, and a host of great results!

The Cobb Mobb had a text at the expo of the race.

Cobb Mobb and Cobb Cycling tents set up side by side.

A little bit of pre-race motivation for the athletes.

Cobb Mobb race Sarah Hankla getting ready for the race in style!

A bit of a pre-race warm up for the crew.
Hopefully they decide to come back for the race...
Crystal Self and Nichole Nuccio

At the start line - and the Cobb Mobb is representing in full force at the front!

Seth racing out of T1.

Jeffery Mayhill about to pump it coming out of T1.

Ginger Turner Spansel getting ready to dismount.

Seth heading out as Rachel and Jeff head in.

Crystal Self taking off on the bike course with a pretty sweet backdrop.

Seth Cooke prepping to drop into aero and go fast.

Rachel Olson zooming out of transition!

Sarah Hankla showing perfect transition form!

Carlos Torres looking like a speed demon coming around the turn out of transition.

Sean Kwiatek coming in on the bike.

Jared Daley coming in from the bike.
Seth Cooke coming in from the run.

Travis Allred on the run.
Rachel chasing down Jeff heading in to T1.
Nichole coming around the bend on the run.

Jared trucking along on the run!

Rachel wondering what that squirrel is doing to that bid in the tree.  haha
Jared comes through the finish line - first place in the Clydesdale division.
Matt May cruising in, with Ginger and Sarah in the background.

Ginger at the finish line next to an exhausted looking fella'.
Sarah all sprayed up at the finish of her race.  Notice how her spray-on tat matches her shoes.
Jeff was one of the many winners representing the Cobb Mobb in the race.
The Cobb Mobb family all together at the conclusion.

Apparently, Sarah is the only one who isn't confused by the camera.
Everyone hanging out with the man post race.

As you can see from the pictures - the Cobb Mobb was well represented at this race and nearly everyone won or placed in their division - including the relay team!  Some results of note:  
Seth Cooke placed 2nd Overall.
Rachel Olson won the Overall race for the females.
Carlos Torres won the Male Masters division and placed 4th Overall.
Jeffrey Mayhill won the Mens 25-29 age group.
Matt May placed third in the Mens 25-29 age group.
Ginger Turner Spansel won the Female Grand Masters division.
Sarah Hankla won the Womens 25-29 age group.
Sean Kwiatek won the Men's Clydesdale race.
Jared Daley won the Age Group/Division.
Crystal Self and Nichole Nuccio won the Women's Relay Race under The Cobb Mobb relay team.

All in all an excellent string of events and one heck of a way to cap off the first month of 2015!  If this is any indication, the Cobb Mobb will be a force to be reckoned with all year long!  Congrats to everyone who raced, trained, and worked to hard to represent the Cobb Mobb!

(Special thanks to Kat Vann Hammer and Kim Cooke for the photos used in this post)

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