Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cobb Mobb Members and their Bikes

In triathlon, you will likely spend more time on your bike than any other facet of the race - which is one reason why the bike is so important.  "Comfort equals speed" is something that doesn't only apply to the fit and saddle of your cycling machine - but also to how well you can handle it, maneuver it, etc.

The Cobb Mobb members' bikes will range from the latest and greatest high tech aerodynamic machines to the "old school" and vintage - but one thing is in common throughout:  Comfort equals speed!

Check out some of their bikes below!

Joanna Gifford is slightly straying from the "Comfort Equals Speed" motto - as that position certainly doesn't look comfortable for riding!  
Cobb Mobb pro Robbie Wade leads us off with his Quintana Roo Illicito, complete with Hawk Racing race wheels and 3T Ventus aerobars.  Robbie is racing a Cobb SHC saddle. 

Michael Dreesen uses a Specialized Tarmac with cip-on Profile design aerobars and a Renn 575 disc wheel. 
Here's Steve Ford with his Cannondale Multisport 4000 with a JOF Randee' saddle.  Steve is using the ultra sleek Profile Ozero basebar which mounts nicely to his front hydration system(Profile Design HC).  Great cable routing and some matching tires (on 650c wheels!) round out a great looking vintage machine!

Les Carr is here with his Cervelo P3 - complete with Zipp 808 Firecrest and Super 9 Disc wheelset - as well as a Cobb Gen 2 saddle!

Sharon Deane is rocking a JOF 55 on her blacked out Trek Speed Concept 9.9 with Dura Ace 9000 di2.  She's using a Speedfil Z4 front hydration system and is rolling on Zipp 404 wheels.

Cobb Mobb team manager Dana Rucker in some beautiful scenery with his Litespeed Pavia sporting a Cobb Randee' saddle!

Chris Morelock has quite the decked out Cervelo P3 Aluminum - with a Cobb SHC saddle and Cobb 160mm cranks.  Chris has put a massive amount of attention to aerodynamics on this bike, with creative cable routing using Alligator i-link cables, a slammed original 3T Ventus aerobar setup, TriRig brake calipers, and a custom steel MDT fork.  He's running a HED Jet 90 front and a Renn 575 rear disc.  Hydration storage is accomplished with a Torhans Aero 30 which touches out a very clean, very aerodynamic and very well thought out piece of machinery.  

Jeff Lam is here with his Specialized Shiv TT with white JOF 55 saddle.  A pair of Zipp 404s and a pair of Crocs nicely round out the set-up.  

Crystal Self is seen here with her Felt DA and white Cobb Plus saddle.  A pink Fuel Belt aero storage bento nicely compliments the accents on her bike.

Carlos Torres is seen here with his Scott Plasma - complete with Zipp disc and front, Enve aerobar set-up, Cobb 160mm cranks, and Cobb JOF 55 saddle. 

Jared Fayer was kind enough to stop pedaling for a moment to take this shot of him aboard his Felt DA.

Here's Jeff Lam with his Shiv TT again.  He has a unique way of hanging his bikes! 
Ginger Turner Spansel is rocking the Cobb VFlow on her Felt B2R with Zipp 404s.

Les Car is seen here racking his Cervelo P3 with Cobb JOF 55 and Zipp disc.

Monty Geddie is seen here with a very nice Specialized Shiv TT set-up - including Zipp 808 wheels and a Cobb Gen 2 saddle with  the Cobb rear hydration mount.

Michael Krisher is seen here with his Cervelo P5-3 and his Cobb Plus 2 saddle.  He rides Williams carbon clinchers with matching red tires to go with the accents on his bike.

Eli Salazar is seen here sporting his Felt IA with Cobb Plus saddle.  His bike is decked out with a full SRAM Red Groupset and a Quarq Elsa powermeter.

Kat Vann Hammers is seen her with her Cervelo P1 w/ a JOF 55 saddle and Cobb rear hydration.  The package is complimented with stealthed out FLO Carbon wheels.

Joanna Gifford is seen here with her Felt DA with Cobb Plus saddle.  She's a little more comfortable in this picture in this picture than her other one.

Carol Scheible is seen here with her Valdora AC Tri bike and Cobb Plus saddle.  Carol utilizes a Profile Design aerodrink front hydration system.

Jimmy Deane is seen here with his Cannondale Caad 9 with full Dura Ace 7900 and a Cobb SHC saddle.  He races on a set of Zipp 303s.

Travis Allred rides a Kuota K-Factor SL, complete with Fulcrum wheelset and Cobb JOF 55 w/ Cobb rear hydration setup.

Sean Kwiatek is shown here with his Specialized Allez Expert which has Zipp wheels (disc and 808) on loan from a Cobb Mobb teammate.  Sean uses a Profile Design HC hydration system.

Pix Reroma rides a Swift Drone with IRT carbon clinchers, Rotor 3D+ crankset, and Cobb SHC saddle.

Jared Daley is seen here with his brand new Trek Speed Concept.  He's since changed the saddle (it came with the bike).

Christy Hellman Richbourg rides a Specialized Shiv with her Cobb VFlow.  She utilizes an aero storage setup to keep things neat and tidy.

Jamila Allen is riding a Trek Concept 7.0 with her Cobb VFlow Plus saddle and Zipp 404 clinchers.  

Jeff Mayhill is also using a Trek Concept 7.0.  He utilizes a Plus 2 saddle (matching his cables and bartape) with the Cobb rear hydration.  A set of deep 88mm 2Quick carbon clinchers rounds out his setup.

Ryan McEnhill is riding a Felt DA with a Cobb VFlow Max.  he uses a Powertap DT Swiss wheel for training, and puts a disc cover on it for races.

Scott Johnson is shown here with his Kona Qualifying Cervelo P2C with a Cobb JOF saddle (and Cobb rear hydration set-up), as well as a very nice set of ENVE carbon clinchers with Powertap G3 hub.  

Greg Mccullough is shown here with his very nice Fuji D6 and Cobb SHC saddle.  A 54 tooth SRAM aero chainring and debadged HED Jet 90s round out the package.

Nick Nagel here is shown here with his most prized possession.....and his bike, too.  His machine is an Argon 18 E-112 built up with Reynolds Assault/Strike wheelset with a Cobb JOF 55 with custom rear baby bottle holder in the back.  

Chris Morelock feels the force while on his Cobb JOF Randee' saddle aboard his Planet X Stealth fixed gear, complete with a HED Tri Spoke front wheel.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cobb Mobb - Month of March

With triathlon season in full swing for 2015 - the Cobb Mobb continued picking up steam in the racing season.

For most of North America, the triathlon season officially kicks off with Ironman California 70.3 in Oceanside, Ca.  The Cobb Mobb was there with three racers and the team director, Dana Rucker. Jeff Lam, JT Peebles, and Conrad Young all represented the Mobb at the race.  Jeff posted a 5:11:12 race time, with JT at 5:11:35, and Conrad coming in at 6:55:59 (with a broken toe!).

Dana Rucker with Jeff Lam in Transition the morning of the race.

Dana Rucker with JT Peebles getting some grub post race.
The Cobb Mobb also had a presence at HITS Ocala - taking home two age group awards in the process!

Nick Matthews took 2nd in his age group with a 5:14:44

Michael Krishner had a 13:14:32 to take 1st Place in his age group

Also, at Ironman Monterrey 70.3 - two of our Cobb Mobb athletes made the trip down south to compete and put in some fantastic race times!

Mark Saroni set a PR for the 70.3 distance in his first pro race of the season with a 4:05:30.

Carlos Torres (here with Mark Saroni) also put in a fast time with a 4:48:14
At the New Orleans Triathlon - the Cobb Mobb has a pair of athletes on the podium as well.

Lauren Lewis took first female overall.

Jeremy Hebert placed 3rd in his age group.
Throughout the month, Cobb Mobb athletes were having a huge showing with great results and races in everything from 5ks to ultramarathons to triathlons of all distances!

Heath Thurston getting some sun during the Red Mountain 50k ultramarathon.

Cobb Mobb pro William Ritter took 1st place overall at the Playtri Kiwanis McKinney Sprint in Dallas Forth Worth.

Luis Bonilla ran a 46:45 in the Minute Maid Park 10k.
Sean Kwiatek took 1st place in his age group at the PlayTri Luck of the Irish Triathlon.
Sharon and Jimmy Deane both raced at the Knoxville Marathon.  Sharon ran a 2:14:46 in the half and Jimmy ran a 4:17 on the full.

Both represented the Cobb Mobb during the race!
Steve Ford finished 5th in his age group at the Save-A-Senior 5k.
Leslie Martin Stelpflug raced her way to a 4th place age group finish at the Rock N Roll half Marathon in Dallas.
Matthew Vance took 2nd in his age group and 4th overall at the No Label Sprint Triathlon in Katy, Tx.

Erin Klegstad took 3rd in her age group at the Hot Dash 10 Mile race.

Liz Baugher rode this awesome machine and it's awesome pink Cobb saddle to a 7th Overall at the Los Olas International.
Nichole Nuccio also took home a first place age group finish and 3rd overall at the Sunrise Duathlon!

 Outside of racing - there was still a lot going on with the Cobb Mobb whether it be through training, running/triathlon events, seminars, or group rides.  Even when we're not racing, the Cobb Mobb is always pushing the boundaries and getting better and better!

Cobb Mobb pro Thomas Gerlach got in a climb on Mt Lemmon with the Timex team while preparing for his pro debut for 2015.  For me, I'm not nearly as interested in the climb as I am in that cookie in the bottom left corner - YUM!

The Cobb Mobb was in full effect through spin/cycling classes throughout the month.  Seen here is Sarah Hankla, Kat Vann Hammers, Seth Cooke, Rachel Olson, Clay Emge, and Nathan and Ashley Lesniewski.

In an example of giving back to the community, John Cobb got to have some fun with a host of children at the East Texas Triathlete Run Clinic.

Rachel Olson took the time from her busy training/racing schedule to teach a clinic on triathlon at Sportsspectrum.

Kathy Harris was very happy to get a JOF 55 on her bike to get some training in during March.

Chris Morelock, who has been on injured reserve all year, manage to get some training in on Zwift.  No word as of yet as to whether he was really on a Big Wheels while training or not.

Our "deerest" of couples - Ryan and Cori Moore -  got in a beautiful run in the countryside.